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August 2019, Nishinomiya Japan.

Gesture researchers convene for a panel on recurrent gestures in cross-linguistic perspectives at the 15th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (from left to right: Sotaro Kita, Laua Hirrel, Simon Harrison, Dorothea Horst, Christophe Parisse, Irene Mittelberg, Renia Lopez, Lena Hotze, and Keiko Tsuchiya)


July2019,hong kong 

Jurgen Streeck celebrates his birthday on a Hong Kong nature trail with gesture/interaction researchers Julia Katila, Xinyue Xu, Enhua Guo, and Simon Harrison (on the occasion of IPrA, July 2019)

ISGS HK Renia Kawai.JPG

July 2019

Kaiwai Chui, Simon Harrison, and Renia Lopez gather during a break at IPrA, July 2019

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