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Themes and topics

​Gesture Studies refers to an interdisciplinary domain of enquiry with roots in fields including but not limited to: linguistics, semiotics, communication, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, anthropology, sociology, philosophy of mind, and human-computer interaction. Examples of specific topics addressed by gesture studies scholars would be:

  • Gesture and language

  • Gesture in social and professional interaction

  • Forms, functions and organisational properties of gesture

  • Gesture in second language acquisition; Gesture in L1-L2 interaction

  • Gesture and discourse; Gesture and pragmatics

  • Gesture in classroom discourse; Multimodal interaction in teaching & learning

  • Recurrent gestures and recurrent gesturing

  • Gesture in human-computer interaction

  • Gesture and embodied cognition

  • Gesture studies and sign language linguistics

Selected Publications (members)

Harrison, S. (2018). The Impulse to Gesture: Where Language, Minds, and Bodies Intersect. Cambridge University Press. (author podcast)


Harrison, S., Adolphs, S., Gillon Dowens, M., Du, P., & Littlemore, J. (2018). All hands on deck. Negotiation over gesture forms in collaborative discourse. Lingua, 207, 1-22. 


Lopez-Ozieblo, R. (2018). Can gestures help clarify the meaning of the Spanish marker ‘se’? Lingua (208), 1-18. 


Lopez-Ozieblo, R. (2018). Testing task difficulty evaluating parameters and identifying gestures as a valid indicator. The Asian EFL Journal, 20(6), Ch.11. 


So, W.C., Wong, M.K.Y., Lam, K.Y, Lam, W.Y., Chui T.F., Lee, T.L., Ng, H.M., Chan, C.H., Fok, C.W. (2018). Using a social robot to teach gestural recognition and production in children with autism spectrum disorders. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 13(6), 527-539. 


So, W.C., Wong, M.K.Y, Lam, W.Y., Cheng, C.H., Yang, J.H., Huang, Y., Ng, P., Wong, W.L., Ho, C.L., Yeung, K.L., & Lee, C.C. (2018). Robot-Based Intervention May Reduce Delay in the Production of Intransitive Gestures in Chinese-Speaking Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Molecular Autism, 9; 34. 

Tang, G., Sze, F. (2018). Bilingualism and Sign Language Research. De Houwer, A., & Ortega, M. (eds.) Handbook of Bilingualism, Cambridge University Press.

Tang, G. (2017). Sign Bilingualism in Deaf Education: From Deaf School to Regular School Settings. In O. Garcia and Lin, A. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Language and Education, pp.192-203, Springer.

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